This pretty lady is graduating from CSU Bakersfield next month, and I am so excited for her! We took some photos for her graduation announcements downtown earlier this week to show off her fancy cap and gown. Congratulations Margaret!


MargaretGrad 001 Margaret is Graduating!

MargaretGrad 002 Margaret is Graduating!

MargaretGrad 003 Margaret is Graduating!

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I am so excited that my little nephew is almost here! Baby Noah still has a couple more weeks before he’s ready to show his little face to the world, but I can hardly wait! We took the gorgeous little family to some nearby grape vines for some perfect sunset family photos.


PalmerBlog 001 The Growing Palmer Family

Hannah was hunting for monkeys while I was taking some photos of her mama.

She found one on a leaf!

PalmerBlog 002 The Growing Palmer Family

PalmerBlog 003 The Growing Palmer Family

PalmerBlog 004 The Growing Palmer Family

PalmerBlog 005 The Growing Palmer Family

PalmerBlog 006 The Growing Palmer Family

PalmerBlog 007 The Growing Palmer Family

Lovin’ on their babies

PalmerBlog 008 The Growing Palmer Family

PalmerBlog 009 The Growing Palmer Family

PalmerBlog 010 The Growing Palmer Family

Daddy’s girl

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As we were getting ready for this session, Oliver’s mother informed me that he was in the 90th percentile for weight, and I was not surprised one bit! He is a big boy, but full of smiles and giggles. We went to a baseball diamond at a nearby park to get his 6 month photos, and it was was so much fun! I am very blessed to have amazing friends with adorable babies.


OliverBlog 1 Oliver Is 6 Months Old!

OliverBlog 2 Oliver Is 6 Months Old!

OliverBlog 4 Oliver Is 6 Months Old!

OliverBlog 5 Oliver Is 6 Months Old!

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May 17, 2012

My parents taught me to see the world a little differently than the rest, even different from each other. David and I went on a weekend away with them, and I caught this perfect moment on our gorgeous morning hike. They are so different from each other, but such a perfect match. And I’m glad to call them mine.


IMG 1313 copy Perspective

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I am extremely blessed to be part of a local community of photographers who are so supportive of each other, especially in a world where the photography industry can be so competitive.

This week we had our monthly Shutter Clique meeting, which was a photo shoot that our leaders put together with a handful of models out near a local park. It is always a great time and place to network with other photographers and models, and every level of expertise is welcome. The models I got to photograph were great to work with, as well as absolutely gorgeous.

It’s stuff like this that makes me love what I do.


ShutterCliqueBlog01 The Shutter Clique

ShutterCliqueBlog02 The Shutter Clique

ShutterCliqueBlog03 The Shutter Clique

ShutterCliqueBlog04 The Shutter Clique

ShutterCliqueBlog05 The Shutter Clique

ShutterCliqueBlog06 The Shutter Clique

ShutterCliqueBlog07 The Shutter Clique

ShutterCliqueBlog08 The Shutter Clique

ShutterCliqueBlog09 The Shutter Clique

ShutterCliqueBlog10 The Shutter Clique

ShutterCliqueBlog11 The Shutter Clique

ShutterCliqueBlog12 The Shutter Clique

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Brooke and Daniel

May 10, 2012

Brooke and Dan’s wedding day fit them perfectly. They are an extremely laid back and fun-loving couple, and their country style went seamlessly into every detail. And honestly, who doesn’t love a bride in cowboy boots?

We started our day at a nearby barn to get their First Look and bridal party photos. Their gorgeous ceremony and reception took place at the Bakersfield Museum of Art. I couldn’t be happier for them, and can’t wait to see how their marriage will grow.

Congratulations Mr and Mrs. Lerman!


LermanWeddingBlog01 Brooke and Daniel

LermanWeddingBlog02 Brooke and Daniel

LermanWeddingBlog03 Brooke and Daniel

LermanWeddingBlog04 Brooke and Daniel

LermanWeddingBlog05 Brooke and Daniel

LermanWeddingBlog06 Brooke and Daniel

LermanWeddingBlog07 Brooke and Daniel

LermanWeddingBlog08 Brooke and Daniel

LermanWeddingBlog09 Brooke and Daniel

LermanWeddingBlog10 Brooke and Daniel

LermanWeddingBlog11 Brooke and Daniel

LermanWeddingBlog12 Brooke and Daniel

LermanWeddingBlog13 Brooke and Daniel

LermanWeddingBlog14 Brooke and Daniel

LermanWeddingBlog15 Brooke and Daniel

LermanWeddingBlog16 Brooke and Daniel

LermanWeddingBlog17 Brooke and Daniel

LermanWeddingBlog18 Brooke and Daniel

LermanWeddingBlog19 Brooke and Daniel

LermanWeddingBlog20 Brooke and Daniel

LermanWeddingBlog21 Brooke and Daniel

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