Heather and Jessica

August 10, 2012

I am SO excited to share these photos! Last night we had an amazing collaboration of talent come together and create a fantastic shoot. Lindsey of Left Coast Design Studio organized everything and everyone. We had a pair of lovely twin ladies all dolled up by a couple of lovely hair and makeup artists. I made the feathery accessories and jewelry, and Lindsey, Tim, and I photographed.

Oh, and we had a horse.


CrowTwinsBlog 001 Heather and Jessica

CrowTwinsBlog 002 Heather and Jessica

CrowTwinsBlog 003 Heather and Jessica

CrowTwinsBlog 004 Heather and Jessica

CrowTwinsBlog 005 Heather and Jessica

CrowTwinsBlog 006 Heather and Jessica

CrowTwinsBlog 007 Heather and Jessica

CrowTwinsBlog 008 Heather and Jessica

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July 16, 2012

I had the honor of photographing Gabrielle and Damian’s wedding reception last August, and now they are expecting a beautiful baby girl this fall! Gabbi is an absolutely gorgeous pregnant mama, and I cannot wait to see their precious new addition in a couple months.


HalpinMaternity 001 Gabrielle

HalpinMaternity 002 Gabrielle

HalpinMaternity 003 Gabrielle

HalpinMaternity 004 Gabrielle

HalpinMaternity 005 Gabrielle

HalpinMaternity 006 Gabrielle

HalpinMaternity 007 Gabrielle

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RJ and Sabrina

July 15, 2012

I have known RJ for years and years growing up in the  same church. He and the beautiful Sabrina live out of state now, so they had a small ceremony and an open house reception in Tehachapi for the many friends and family here. They let me steal them for a little bit to get some photos of just the two of them.

Congratulations! I am so happy for you two.

PrestwichReception 001 RJ and Sabrina

PrestwichReception 002 RJ and Sabrina

PrestwichReception 003 RJ and Sabrina

PrestwichReception 004 RJ and Sabrina


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Anna and Josiah

July 8, 2012

Anna and Josiah’s wedding was absolutely perfect. They are an awesome couple, and their wedding day was absolutely perfectly THEM. They had a small bridal party with the most adorable bridesmaid dresses and casual shirts for the groomsmen, a simple church ceremony, and we had an amazing time just getting photos of the two of them after the ceremony. One of the first things Anna said to me when we met for the first time was how important the photography was to her for their wedding. She definitely meant that. They were willing to go through trails, hills, sand, weeds and old abandoned bridges to get the shots I had in mind, and I am so happy with how they turned out.

Congratulations Anna and Josiah!

ElliottWeddingBlog 001 Anna and Josiah

ElliottWeddingBlog 002 Anna and Josiah

ElliottWeddingBlog 003 Anna and Josiah

ElliottWeddingBlog 004 Anna and Josiah

ElliottWeddingBlog 005 Anna and Josiah

ElliottWeddingBlog 006 Anna and Josiah

ElliottWeddingBlog 007 Anna and Josiah

ElliottWeddingBlog 008 Anna and Josiah

They read the sweetest vows to each other.

ElliottWeddingBlog 009 Anna and Josiah

ElliottWeddingBlog 010 Anna and Josiah

ElliottWeddingBlog 011 Anna and Josiah

ElliottWeddingBlog 012 Anna and Josiah

ElliottWeddingBlog 013 Anna and Josiah

ElliottWeddingBlog 014 Anna and Josiah

ElliottWeddingBlog 015 Anna and Josiah

ElliottWeddingBlog 016 Anna and Josiah

ElliottWeddingBlog 017 Anna and Josiah

ElliottWeddingBlog 018 Anna and Josiah

ElliottWeddingBlog 019 Anna and Josiah

ElliottWeddingBlog 020 Anna and Josiah

ElliottWeddingBlog 021 Anna and Josiah


Thank you Lindsey of Left Coast Design Studio for being an amazing second shooter.


Anna and Josiah

July 2, 2012

We had a super fun session out in the fields yesterday evening in preparation for their wedding this Saturday! Anna and Josiah are an amazing couple, super sweet, a little quirky, love Chipotle, and have amazing taste. I mean, just look at them! She is absolutely gorgeous, and they are perfect for each other. I am so happy for you guys!


AnnaJosiahBlog 001 Anna and Josiah

AnnaJosiahBlog 002 Anna and Josiah

AnnaJosiahBlog 003 Anna and Josiah

AnnaJosiahBlog 004 Anna and Josiah

AnnaJosiahBlog 005 Anna and Josiah

AnnaJosiahBlog 006 Anna and Josiah

AnnaJosiahBlog 007 Anna and Josiah


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Color Me Rad 5K

June 30, 2012

I had an amazing time photographing the Color Me Rad 5K this morning. Here are a few of my favorites from today…


ColorMeRadBlog 001 Color Me Rad 5K

ColorMeRadBlog 002 Color Me Rad 5K

ColorMeRadBlog 003 Color Me Rad 5K

ColorMeRadBlog 004 Color Me Rad 5K

ColorMeRadBlog 005 Color Me Rad 5K

ColorMeRadBlog 006 Color Me Rad 5K

ColorMeRadBlog 007 Color Me Rad 5K

ColorMeRadBlog 008 Color Me Rad 5K

ColorMeRadBlog 009 Color Me Rad 5K

ColorMeRadBlog 010 Color Me Rad 5K

ColorMeRadBlog 011 Color Me Rad 5K

ColorMeRadBlog 012 Color Me Rad 5K

ColorMeRadBlog 013 Color Me Rad 5K

ColorMeRadBlog 014 Color Me Rad 5K

ColorMeRadBlog 015 Color Me Rad 5K