I met Alicja about thee years ago when she was in the beginnings of her career as a professional photographer. She is now an absolutely amazing photographer, and they are expecting their little boy within the next few weeks! I was so excited/honored when she asked me to do their maternity session. It is always an honor to shoot other photographers, and they are such a sweet family. Thank you Burnette Family for allowing me to photograph you, and I cannot wait to meet baby Elias!


BurnetteBlog 001 The Growing Burnette Family

BurnetteBlog 002 The Growing Burnette Family

BurnetteBlog 003 The Growing Burnette Family

BurnetteBlog 004 The Growing Burnette Family

BurnetteBlog 005 The Growing Burnette Family

BurnetteBlog 006 The Growing Burnette Family

BurnetteBlog 007 The Growing Burnette Family

BurnetteBlog 008 The Growing Burnette Family

BurnetteBlog 009 The Growing Burnette Family

BurnetteBlog 010 The Growing Burnette Family

BurnetteBlog 011 The Growing Burnette Family

BurnetteBlog 012 The Growing Burnette Family

BurnetteBlog 013 The Growing Burnette Family

BurnetteBlog 014 The Growing Burnette Family

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Whitney and Craig

October 8, 2012

Whitney and Craig had the most BEAUTIFUL wedding in Clovis. The ceremony and reception took place at Craig’s parents’ home, and they couldn’t have had a more perfect and gorgeous location. Every detail expressed their personalities, and they were so incredibly happy the entire day. Craig has told me since the moment I met him that he has a hard time smiling for photos. This was most definitely not the case. He couldn’t stop smiling at his beautiful bride. Congratulations Whitney and Craig, and thank you for the honor of photographing your perfect day!


ZuercherWeddingBlog 001 Whitney and Craig

ZuercherWeddingBlog 002 Whitney and Craig

ZuercherWeddingBlog 003 Whitney and Craig

ZuercherWeddingBlog 004 Whitney and Craig

ZuercherWeddingBlog 005 Whitney and Craig

ZuercherWeddingBlog 006 Whitney and Craig

ZuercherWeddingBlog 007 Whitney and Craig

ZuercherWeddingBlog 008 Whitney and Craig

ZuercherWeddingBlog 009 Whitney and Craig

ZuercherWeddingBlog 010 Whitney and Craig

ZuercherWeddingBlog 011 Whitney and Craig

ZuercherWeddingBlog 012 Whitney and Craig

ZuercherWeddingBlog 013 Whitney and Craig

ZuercherWeddingBlog 014 Whitney and Craig

ZuercherWeddingBlog 015 Whitney and Craig

ZuercherWeddingBlog 016 Whitney and Craig

ZuercherWeddingBlog 017 Whitney and Craig

ZuercherWeddingBlog 018 Whitney and Craig

ZuercherWeddingBlog 019 Whitney and Craig

ZuercherWeddingBlog 020 Whitney and Craig

ZuercherWeddingBlog 021 Whitney and Craig

ZuercherWeddingBlog 022 Whitney and Craig

ZuercherWeddingBlog 023 Whitney and Craig

ZuercherWeddingBlog 024 Whitney and Craig

Thank you to Lindsey of Left Coast Design Studio for being an amazing second shooter for me.

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Cindy and Luis

September 20, 2012

I had the pleasure of being a second shooter for Natalie of NYFototgraphy at this absolutely gorgeous wedding! Cindy and Luis are an amazing and adorable couple, and it was such a joy to work with a couple that really valued their photographer. Their schedule gave us a ton of time to just have fun with their photos. And Natalie is so fun to work with!

Congratulations Cindy and Luis!


TorresWeddingBlog 001 Cindy and Luis

TorresWeddingBlog 002 Cindy and Luis

TorresWeddingBlog 003 Cindy and Luis

So in love with their First Look!

TorresWeddingBlog 004 Cindy and Luis

TorresWeddingBlog 005 Cindy and Luis

TorresWeddingBlog 006 Cindy and Luis

TorresWeddingBlog 007 Cindy and Luis

TorresWeddingBlog 008 Cindy and Luis

TorresWeddingBlog 009 Cindy and Luis

 Natalie workin’ it

TorresWeddingBlog 010 Cindy and Luis

TorresWeddingBlog 011 Cindy and Luis

TorresWeddingBlog 012 Cindy and Luis

TorresWeddingBlog 013 Cindy and Luis

TorresWeddingBlog 014 Cindy and Luis

 Pretty pretty sisters

TorresWeddingBlog 015 Cindy and Luis

TorresWeddingBlog 016 Cindy and Luis

TorresWeddingBlog 017 Cindy and Luis

TorresWeddingBlog 018 Cindy and Luis

TorresWeddingBlog 019 Cindy and Luis

TorresWeddingBlog 020 Cindy and Luis

TorresWeddingBlog 021 Cindy and Luis

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Whitney and Craig

September 16, 2012

I had the honor of meeting Whitney and Craig a few weeks ago to talk about their wedding. They are such a sweet couple that are so in love with each other. We did their engagement session last weekend, and I couldn’t be happier with how they turned out. It it so nice when I get genuine expressions that I don’t have to force. Craig said the he was not great at smiling for photos, but every time he looked at his gorgeous fiance, it just happened perfectly. I cannot wait for their wedding next month. It is going to be absolutely perfect.


ZuercherEngagementBlog 001 Whitney and Craig

ZuercherEngagementBlog 002 Whitney and Craig

ZuercherEngagementBlog 003 Whitney and Craig

ZuercherEngagementBlog 004 Whitney and Craig

ZuercherEngagementBlog 005 Whitney and Craig

ZuercherEngagementBlog 006 Whitney and Craig

ZuercherEngagementBlog 007 Whitney and Craig

ZuercherEngagementBlog 008 Whitney and Craig

ZuercherEngagementBlog 009 Whitney and Craig

ZuercherEngagementBlog 010 Whitney and Craig

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The Bennett Family

August 25, 2012

I am always excited and honored to photograph military families. Especially when they have an absolutely adorable baby girl! Meagan and Evan have been apart for the past few months during his training, and just recently found out that they are being stationed in Germany! I am extremely excited for them, and am glad I was able to capture their adorable family before they head across the world.


BennettBlog 001 The Bennett Family

BennettBlog 002 The Bennett Family

BennettBlog 003 The Bennett Family

BennettBlog 004 The Bennett Family

BennettBlog 005 The Bennett Family

BennettBlog 006 The Bennett Family

BennettBlog 007 The Bennett Family

BennettBlog 008 The Bennett Family

BennettBlog 009 The Bennett Family

BennettBlog 010 The Bennett Family

BennettBlog 011 The Bennett Family

BennettBlog 012 The Bennett Family

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Jill and Jacob

August 24, 2012

I am so excited to share these photos! Jill and Jacob are so happy to be back together after Jacob’s 8 month journey on the USS Abe Lincoln. They came home to Tehachapi for a few days to spend time with family before heading back to the East Coast. I was honored to spend some time with them before they left to get some photos together.


JillJacobBlog 001 Jill and Jacob

JillJacobBlog 002 Jill and Jacob

JillJacobBlog 003 Jill and Jacob

JillJacobBlog 004 Jill and Jacob

JillJacobBlog 005 Jill and Jacob

JillJacobBlog 006 Jill and Jacob

JillJacobBlog 007 Jill and Jacob

JillJacobBlog 008 Jill and Jacob

JillJacobBlog 009 Jill and Jacob

JillJacobBlog 010 Jill and Jacob

JillJacobBlog 011 Jill and Jacob

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