The Whisnands

November 28, 2012

Seth and Hannah definitely win for most adventurous couple of the year! We hiked through a grove of trees I had seen on the side of the freeway that I had never actually been to, and they explored it with me to find the most amazing creek and little waterfall hidden in it. We went to the top of a mountain to get some shots with Seth’s dune buggy that has become a family heirloom of theirs. I saw a cool rock structure at the edge of the mountain, and they jumped right onto it without hesitation.

They are such an adorable and easy-going couple, and I am so glad these photos turned out amazing for them.


WhisnandBlog 0011 The Whisnands

WhisnandBlog 0021 The Whisnands

WhisnandBlog 0031 The Whisnands

WhisnandBlog 0041 The Whisnands

WhisnandBlog 0051 The Whisnands

WhisnandBlog 0061 The Whisnands

WhisnandBlog 0071 The Whisnands

WhisnandBlog 0081 The Whisnands

WhisnandBlog 0091 The Whisnands

WhisnandBlog 0101 The Whisnands

WhisnandBlog 0111 The Whisnands

WhisnandBlog 0121 The Whisnands

WhisnandBlog 0131 The Whisnands

WhisnandBlog 0141 The Whisnands


The Parra Family

November 24, 2012

I had a blast photographing the sweet Parra Family with their three very handsome and well behaved boys!


ParraBlog 001 The Parra Family

ParraBlog 002 The Parra Family

ParraBlog 003 The Parra Family

ParraBlog 004 The Parra Family

ParraBlog 005 The Parra Family

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The Southward Family

November 19, 2012

Jessica and Brandon are some of my absolutely most favorite people. They are super weird, and the most genuine and loving people you will ever meet. And they have a little son who is just as awesome as his parents. And they make the best family photos ever.


SouthwardBlog 001 The Southward Family

SouthwardBlog 002 The Southward Family

SouthwardBlog 003 The Southward Family

SouthwardBlog 004 The Southward Family

SouthwardBlog 005 The Southward Family

SouthwardBlog 006 The Southward Family

SouthwardBlog 007 The Southward Family

SouthwardBlog 008 The Southward Family

SouthwardBlog 009 The Southward Family

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Fruitful Feet

November 15, 2012

My amazingly talented friend Sandra started her Etsy shop Fruitful Feet about a year ago creating custom painted TOMS. It began as a side income for her, and it has now exploded in sales into a full time job. She has the most adorable designs, and her shoes have been the TOMS of choice for many a blushing bride. She has made custom themed TOMS, ranging anywhere from leopard print on a sparkles, to sports teams, to Toy Story themed, and everything in between.

We did a fun promo shoot at the park, and had an great turnout of gorgeous (and a couple handsome!) models to show off Sandra’s beautiful creations. I already have my custom pair of TOMS on order from her, and cannot wait to show them off!


To purchase your own gorgeous pair of custom painted TOMS, head on over to Fruitful Feet!

FruitfulFeetBlog 001 Fruitful Feet

FruitfulFeetBlog 002 Fruitful Feet

FruitfulFeetBlog 003 Fruitful Feet

FruitfulFeetBlog 004 Fruitful Feet

FruitfulFeetBlog 005 Fruitful Feet

FruitfulFeetBlog 006 Fruitful Feet

FruitfulFeetBlog 007 Fruitful Feet

FruitfulFeetBlog 008 Fruitful Feet

FruitfulFeetBlog 009 Fruitful Feet

FruitfulFeetBlog 010 Fruitful Feet

FruitfulFeetBlog 011 Fruitful Feet

FruitfulFeetBlog 012 Fruitful Feet

FruitfulFeetBlog 013 Fruitful Feet

FruitfulFeetBlog 014 Fruitful Feet

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The Horwedel Family

November 14, 2012

The Horwedels were such a joy to photograph! My heart was so happy when I saw this family get out of the car wearing the CUTEST coordinating outfits. They look like they jumped right out of a Pinterest board. They are such a sweet family.


HorwedelBlog 001 The Horwedel Family

HorwedelBlog 002 The Horwedel Family

HorwedelBlog 003 The Horwedel Family

HorwedelBlog 004 The Horwedel Family

HorwedelBlog 005 The Horwedel Family

HorwedelBlog 006 The Horwedel Family

HorwedelBlog 007 The Horwedel Family

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The Cervantes Family

November 13, 2012

I had a great time meeting and photographing the Cervantes family. They are so sweet, and their little girl was so darn CUTE! She was such a wiggle worm during the photos, but we were able to capture some good shots of her.


CervantesBlog 001 The Cervantes Family

CervantesBlog 002 The Cervantes Family

CervantesBlog 003 The Cervantes Family

CervantesBlog 004 The Cervantes Family

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