The Hornung Kids

December 27, 2012

There are a few sessions I have done this Christmas season that I have been DYING to share, but haven’t been able to because they were surprises for either Christmas cards or Christmas presents. I am so excited that I get to share them now! This next week-ish will be a showcase of those sessions, plus a couple last minute ones that I didn’t have time to blog before Christmas.

The start of this showcase will be my own family. We got together with my husbands brother and sister (and husband and kids!) to get photos of all the Hornung kids and grandkids together to make a canvas for David’s parents and grandmother.

A big huge thank you to Heather Miller of Mr. and Mrs. Miller Photography for assisting/making my niece smile/taking the photos I was in.


HornungBlog 001 The Hornung Kids

HornungBlog 002 The Hornung Kids

HornungBlog 003 The Hornung Kids

HornungBlog 004 The Hornung Kids

HornungBlog 005 The Hornung Kids

HornungBlog 006 The Hornung Kids

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