December 29, 2012

So my friend Katie is the best auntie/godmother in the world! She took her niece Cambria for an afternoon and we did a secret session for her first birthday photos. She ordered a canvas of her favorite image and gave it to her brother and sister in law for Christmas. I was sent a video of them opening it and it was a huge hit! I love being able to be a part of such a special gift.

When I photograph little ones, I usually try to catch them laughing or smiling, because who doesn’t love a laughing baby? However, Cambria is not a very smiley girl; when she looks at you she has a very intense gaze that is absolutely gorgeous. So I didn’t get very many typical smiling photos, but what I did get I am thrilled with, because it captured HER.


CamBlog 001 Cambria

CamBlog 002 Cambria

CamBlog 003 Cambria

CamBlog 004 Cambria

CamBlog 005 Cambria

CamBlog 006 Cambria

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