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Color Me Rad 5K

June 30, 2012

I had an amazing time photographing the Color Me Rad 5K this morning. Here are a few of my favorites from today...  

Ashley and Tim

June 28, 2012

This wedding was a combination of a whole bunch of amazing things. I have known the bride and groom for years, so it was a fun reunion with them and other friends from school. It was in Tehachapi, which was a beautiful day opposed to the dreadful Bakersfield heat. Ashley and Tim looked amazing, as did the entire fun-loving bridal party. They agreed to do a First Look, which was

Noah – 6 Days Old

June 20, 2012

Feel free to be jealous, because I officially have the cutest nephew ever.

Briana and David

June 19, 2012

Briana and David are some of the sweetest and most creative people I have ever met. I instantly fell in love with them and their wedding. Every detail throughout the day was so perfectly THEM, from the accessories, to the flowers, to the Pinterest-inspired funfetti cake table. I loved that it wasn't necessarily themed, it was just all things that they loved. There were so many different elements working perfectly

The Cutest

June 13, 2012

Not to brag (that was a lie, bragging is my complete intention here), but my nephew was born today, and he's the best. Welcome to the world, Noah!  


June 10, 2012

My beautiful friend KT and I went on a little photo adventure with earlier this week, found a giant hay stack, and I'm really happy with how her photos turned out. She swears she has no idea what she's doing when it comes to posing, but I'm pretty sure that is not true.